"Self-taught macramé artist creates works inspired by her community" by Ryan Ward

"Vang, who is Hmong, takes inspiration from macrame by looking at her community’s own art and designs. Taking traditional Hmong designs or ideas and incorporating them into her work." (Wisconsin Life, September 20, 2022)


"Cultural ties: Hmong-inspired macramé at malyMADE is flying off the shelves" by Natalie Yahr

"For other projects, she scours the internet for photos of Hmong clothing and embroidery, looking for new Hmong motifs to incorporate into her macramé. For one design, featuring a sort of spiraling heart, she learned to use knots to create curves." (The CapTimes, October 2, 2021)


"Maly Vang weaves her Hmong heritage into modern macramé wall art" by Maija Inveiss

"That’s when malyMADE, her macramé venture, came to be. Vang says she explored the hobby, aiming to use different techniques to create beautiful wall art that people would want to hang in their homes. Instead of sticking to a specific process, she likes to design what she feels in the moment, but considers size, shape and base materials before starting the knots. This allows her to go with the flow and track how the knots meet up with each other." (Madison Magazine, August 25, 2021)