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One-of-a-kind HMong xauv-inspired wall hanging made on a 6" wrapped steel ring. See "Dimensions" below for approximate measurements.


XAUV ME ME Collection - "Xauv" (sow) are traditional HMong necklaces. In the HMong language, "me me" (may may) translates to "small."

This collection of works is an ongoing project. The intention behind this project is to challenge myself to make as many one-of-a-kind mini xauv-inspired wall hangings as I can in one year.

Each wall hanging is intuitively made and cannot/will not be recreated.


Cotton cord, 6" steel hoop


Approximately 15" long and 7.25" at the widest point.

Care Information

Intended for indoor use only. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Hang only in ventilated areas and avoid high humidity as cotton is a natural material.

Avoid excessive handling to maintain the shape and appearance of your fiber art. Excessive handling will loosen the twist of the fibers and may cause the cut ends to unravel over time.

Not a toy. Keep away from children and small pets.

Dust with a microfiber cloth as needed. If necessary, use only distilled water to spot clean and air-dry. Do not submerge in water.


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